Black Cat was always what I wanted to call the cafe; I bought the website address several years before I bought the cafe.  It started with a conversation with my husband about our love of cats, and we recognised the bad press Black Cats get around the world.  Historically, in parts of the UK black cats are linked to prosperity and good health; and equally in parts of Europe Black Cats have associations with bad luck and indeed witchcraft.

Black Cats are found to have lower adoption rates from animal shelters.  One of the reasons given is that black is a dull and boring colour, and they aren’t photogenic, aren’t cute.  We wanted to support them.  Cats for us are independent, and yet, in their own way, they know when you need love and support, and will come to you naturally, and are happy just to sit and be by your side.  This is a trait I admire in people, the way that some people just know when you need a supportive smile, hand on shoulder, or hug.  Somehow, they are there for you.

The attached photo is of Merlin, a rescue cat.  He was saved from being left in a box in a layby with his brother, Cookie.  He was with us for 8 years.  He was a very cosmopolitan cat who loved to climb and would have lived off Parma Ham if allowed.  He used to sit on my chest, looking over my shoulder, but if you went near his tail, he’d whip it away quickly out of reach.  Cookie is still with us, he is a Ginger and White cat, and is more inclined to stay within the boundaries of our house and garden, and sit beside you, rather than on your lap.