The information that we are required to provide to customers is changing. These changes are applicable across the whole food and drink industry all over Europe.

The biggest changes that you will notice is with the Allergen information that cafes are now providing. This table gives all the information that you require to keep our customer informed.

Allergic reactions can make people very ill and in extreme cases may lead to death. There is no cure for food/drink allergies. The only way someone can avoid getting ill is to make sure they don’t consume the foods and drinks they are allergic to.  Allergen information must be available when requested.

It is particularly important to avoid cross contamination when preparing and serving a customer suffering with allergies to food and/or drink. Cross contamination is where something that could cause harm is transferred from one surface to another. This could occur when a customer who is allergic to soya asks for a latte and the soya milk thermometer is inadvertently used to prepare their drink.

Allergy data detailed in the table has been derived from technical specifications obtained from the suppliers of the products, or from the ingredients list from recipes where products are made in-house.

We have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that this table is accurate. Please note this data is accurate up until the point where the products enter the store. Once displayed/heated the allergen status of the products is likely to change. Your statutory rights are not affected.


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