Tips for Creating New Flavours


One of the things I love about food fairs is trying something new, and we are lucky in the UK as there is an abundance of flavour sensations with food influences from around the world. When I have a stall at a market, I like to simulate the same flavour interest by changing [...]

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Did you know?


Have you seen the "Did You Know" posters that we had up earlier this year? Did you know - we bake all our own bread for toast and sandwiches? Did you know - we cook all our own meats including ham, chicken, pork for use in our lunches? I’ve always cooked.  When I [...]

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Why Black Cat?


Black Cat was always what I wanted to call the cafe; I bought the website address several years before I bought the cafe.  It started with a conversation with my husband about our love of cats, and we recognised the bad press Black Cats get around the world.  Historically, in parts of the [...]

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